MAC Paint Pot - Soft Ochre

Hi beauties!
I recently started using the Soft Ochre Paint Pot by MAC. I've heard people talk about it for years, so a couple of weeks ago I decided to switch things up and give this shade a try.

 MAC Paint Pots are cream eyeshadows that can be worn alone or used as a base under other eyeshadows. 
Soft Ochre is a light nude cream with yellow undertones.  It is completly matt. This shade is a little bit lighter and more yellow than The Painterly Paint Pot, which is more of a beige/pink nude. In general I would say if you have warm undertones, Soft Ochre would suit you best. 
The paint pot applies on the skin like a creamy concealer. It can be blended sheerly, or layered for full coverage. This color would make a great primer for people with light to medium complexions.  On deeper complexions, it would work great for brightening the eye area to apply lighter shadows.
 After trying it for a couple weeks, Soft Ochre is now my go-to everyday primer. I love the consistency, it keeps my powder eyeshadows bright, and it doesn't crease on me!
 MAC Paint Pots retail for around $19 and can be purchased wherever MAC cosmetics are sold.


  1. I used the painterly paint pot For years and I love it so much! Have you tried the rubanesque one? It's absolutey amazing for shimmery eyeshadows. LG sara

  2. I love the Paint Pots you´re colour is amazing! :)